Car Atomization Disinfecting/Sterilizing Machine




1) Put the atomization machine in the front passenger seat.

2) Start the car engine. Turn on the airconditioning system and set to around 24°C. Fan set to medium level to ensure air circulation.

3) Plug in the power of the atomization machine and set switch button to "1" position.

4) Wait for the machine to warm up for about 3-5 minutes; the indicator on the handle will light up.
5) Put the disinfecting solution in the liquid storage tank and ensure that the sunction pipe is fully inserted into the solution.
6) Set the timer to 5 minutes, close the car doors and windows, and start ionising.
7) After 5 minutes, unplug the power immediately. Take the machine out of the car and switch it back to the original position (Very Important).

8) Leave the door closed and wait for the smoke in the car to dissipate completely. Then you can open the door and air the car naturally.

9) Wipe the inner side of the windows with a wet towel to complete the atomization process.


Note: After the atomization is done, it is necessary to clean the machine pipes.


Cleaning process:


Turn on the second gear, change the disinfecting solution to clean water. Set the timer to 2 minutes.

Car Atomization Disinfecting/Sterilizing Machine

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