The T118EFS Special for Stainless Steel jigsaw blade's milled and wavy-set tooth geometry is designed for cutting stainless steel. Made from BIM (bi-metal), the blade is fully hardened, specially formulated high-speed steel (HSS) tooth strip is bonded with a highly elastic HCS (high carbon steel) body and provides both the sufficient hardness and flexibility required to cut thin, solid and perforated stainless steel sheets. Additionally, its fine tooth pitch (1.4 mm) cuts thin metal sheets with 1.5-4 mm thickness. For use with jigsaws with T-Shank clamping systems.


Product highlights

  • Milled, wavy-set tooth geometry designed for cutting stainless steel
  • Bi-metal, fully hardened high-speed steel tooth strip and highly elastic carbon steel body to cut stainless steel sheets
  • Fine tooth pitch (1.4 mm) cuts thin metal sheets with 1.5-4 mm thickness

Bosch T118EFS Jigsaw Blade Bi Metal Special for Stainless Steel

  • Bosch

  • T118EFS

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