#2436 Sticky Mat Blue 600 X 900MM (30Sheets/Pad, 10Pads/Box)


How does it work?

When a person walks over a sticky matting before entering a controlled area, contaminates from their shoes are transfered onto the sticky mat reducing the risk of contamination being introduced into the controlled area.


Blue Sticky Mats for Cleanroom, Laboratory, Warehouse and Hospital

  • Capture shoe-sole and wheel-borne particulates when passing by
  • Peel off the used layer, then you can use a new clean sheet again; each pad comes with 30 sheets
  • Suitable for various kinds of channels and entrances to efficiently grab dust

#2436 Sticky Mat Blue Cleanroom 600 X 900MM (30Sheets/Pad, 10Pads/Box)

  • #2436