ETHOS Caster Wheel: In compliance to Korean Standard Specification


Brand             Ethos
Mounting Type             Top Plate Swivel
Wheel Diameter             75 mm
Width Of Tread             32 mm
Hardness Of Tread             Shore A 75±
Tread Material             Thermoplastic Rubber
Wheel Colour             Grey
Flooring Measures             Non-Marking
Elasticity Of Tread             Excellent
Abrasion Resistance            Average
Oil Resistance            Good
Water Resistance            Good
Chemical Resistance            Fair
Temperature Range           -20℃ / +80℃
Load Capacity           75 kg
Bearing Type           Double ball bearing (with plastic threadguards)
Plate Size           92x65 mm
Plate Hole Centres           73x45 mm
Plate Hole Size           8.3 mm
Overall Height           107 mm
Offset           34 mm

03" Swivel Castor 92x65 WH.TPR SB/TG BB 75Kg

  • 271TPY075P01